Basic Faceplate Turning


Take a turn for the beautiful...


If you've been wondering just how to turn your own keepsake wooden bowl, you've found the class!  Basic Faceplate Turning will be taught using 5 of the most basic tools.  Students will learn the basic cuts using these tools.  Students will design and turn a small poplar-wood bowl for use back home in their own homes or shops. Take this 3 hour class if you ar a beginner but have some experience at the lathe.  This would be a good class if you have skills but need a refresher.  Those with good woodworking skills and are curious about turning a bowl will enjoy this class.



All wood, lathes, tools, chucks and sharpening is provided.

Students are encouraged to bring their own tool for use and/or sharpening.

Students should bring work clothes with NO long sleeves or dangling drawstrings.  Long hair MUST be tied back or held in a cap.   No loose jewelry.

Required equipment: Safety glasses and or face shield.  Dust mask, if so desired.

Prerequisites:   Basic Lathe Skills

Class size:   4

Instructor:   Max Mont

Cost of materials:   None